54 Days to Go


So yesterday I bought my ring, I felt really special yesterday and before I wore it I prayed and asked the Lord that each time I looked at the ring on my hand that I would be reminded of His love for me.  Yesterday, I felt so precious, whenever a thought of insecurity or condemnation would sweep across my mind, I just reminded myself ‘at least Christ died for me and purchased me with His precious blood.’ In the evening though, one of the crystals fell out, which was sad, but I will sort that out, no problem by the grace of God.

Anyway, yesterday AGAIN, I didn’t get to spend the time that I wanted with with God, but rather than feeling guilty I just assured myself that He was still with me and would never go, I looked at my ring and which served as a physical reminder of His commitment to me.

Anyway, over the past few days, I have been praying for boldness, and odd kind of boldness, a boldness so bold that it would even make God laugh, that is the type of boldness that I want. Not the type of boldness that I would have to put on, or become some kind of character to display it, but a real boldness from the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait because I know the Lord has done something in my heart. I am so ready to further the Kingdom of God, I am so ready for God to shake up and stir up lives through me, I am so ready for the move and for the revival and there will be one across the Body of Christ and across the nations, therefore, there is absolutely no place for timidity and fear.

I cannot wait to fully pour out. That’s what I want, I want to live a life FULLY POURED OUT FOR GOD.


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