56 Days to go


I tried to make up for it, tried to pray through the night, I didn’t want to sleep off, I just wanted to show God that I was available, so I ended up ‘just resting my eyes’. So by the time I ‘woke up’ it was about 4. I tried to pray…. This morning was tough, I feel guilty because of last night, the enemy reared his ugly head this morning again… and here I am, tired, missing my NKJV bible.

Anyway, I am going to fast again this week, I want to show Him that I care and that I love Him. One of my prayer points this week and last, was for me to recognise God’s love for me. I am still on the journey to doing so. I don’t need to struggle for His affection, but I just want to be right.

Anyway, I am excited for today, I will buy a special perfume as a symbol of God’s love for me and I will buy my ring tomorrow by God’s grace. I will also try and get myself a new bible because I feel empty without the Word, NLT doesn’t cut it for me. Anyway, I must dash. Running late.


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