57 Days to Go


I feel a bit gutted, I feel like I am really slacking. The Word, I haven’t been much diligent in, for some reason, even on these later shifts, I am so knackered. I haven’t been praying PROPERLY and I haven’t even faced this entries, I have been typing them in arrears this week, I feel so guilty.

I am actually even writing this on day 56, so bear with me while I recall everything that happened yesterday. Well, I determined to fast to get closer to God, I have fasted everyday this week breaking at 2, but yesterday I broke at 1.30.

I tried to maintain an attitude of worship while I was at work which I did. Ni complain, just doing everything joyfully as unto the Lord, which I did, I showed the customers as much love and patience as possible. I headed off to Homebase to buy some plant seeds, one of my worship activities is to plant some seeds for my Lord, just to show Him how much He means to me.

During the day, I promised one of the young people that I will call her to check on her and gave her a time, then I told God that at 10pm I will begin my worship after I had ‘done my duty of checking up’. My Spirit was on fire before I called the girl, I should’t have even done so, I should have not even bothered, I should have out Papa first, I feel like I quenched the fire, God was ready for me and I was busy making phonecalls. I feel so bad.


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